I feel sad because a lot of the people on tumblr and r/community are saying that anyone who didn’t like the new episode is just being too critical/overly attached to Dan Harmon. The episode simply didn’t make me laugh. It was ALL over the place plot-wise… meaningless callbacks to old jokes… all the characters seemed to be acting like stereotypes of themselves (this was something Parks suffered from last season). It wasn’t a BAD episode. It just wasn’t the quality I normally expect. Hopefully they get more comfortable and just tell the story instead of making all those weird jabs at the audience. “all change isn’t bad! sometimes it’s new and exciting! you should be happy for change!” OKAY I GET IT COMMUNITY HAS CHANGED DON’T TELL ME HOW TO FEEL

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Community: One Photoset per Episode

↳Season 3 Episode 7

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“I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray..”

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Panels include:

Indigo Ballroom Thursday: Archer, Riff-Trax

Ballroom 20 Friday: Community, Legend of Korra, Firefly

Hall H Saturday: Django Unchained, Silent Hill Revelations 3D, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Superman: Man of Steel, The Hobbit

Hall H Sunday: Fringe, Supernatural

blacklist SDCC to avoid spammage!!

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We’re only allowed to bring one stuffed animal. I’m bringing Ruthie… but using her pouch to sneak in Nathan.

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just sayin’.

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