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I am in the absolute worst spot with New Leaf. I care so much about my villagers that the thought of letting them leave is physically painful, but after April Fools I have all their pictures and it feels pointless to do stuff for them now. All I do is catalog things now, which isn’t much fun. The thought of starting over is horrible too. I’m stuck!

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evie—haha that is seriously my least offensive ship

logan—at least i can be superior to someone?

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could i be anymore of a gross nerd?

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college tip: take the “no shame” route with your roommate. they see you in ur underwear? who cares. they witness you playing neopets for over 8 hours a day and walk in on you crying with bad indie pop playing in the background semi frequently? well

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Once you get this, you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to your ten favourite followers (not back to me, already did it). Thinking good things about yourself is hard, but it will make you feel good so give it a go! :) ily

aw, thanks for thinking of me!

1) I’m considerate and always thinking of how my actions might be affecting my friends/family.

2) Even if I don’t work on them all the time, I have a lot of creative outlets such as recording and editing YouTube videos, writing my novel, and messing around in photoshop.

3) I’m pretty smart! I can generally figure stuff out.

4) I can make people laugh really hard!

5) I’m good at expressing my feelings and talking to people.

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James HURLey.

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gumshoe is covered in kittens

as it should be. unless he’s allergic. he’s probably allergic oh no I’m so sorry oH NO

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When you make an amazing pun in front of your friends

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miles-eggworth replied to your post: 12am should be in bed but i want to dr…

draw edgeworth slipping on a banan peel



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hey nancy i was wondering why u tag some things "laugh rule" like is that a tag for funny things. just wondering lol i keep seeing it

I follow someone else that does it too. Basically if it makes you laugh out loud, you have to reblog it. haha

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