Not really feelin this whole school college work until I die thing

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how do you think i felt

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Title: shingeki no kyojin
Artist: opening - orchestra
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Opening of the year

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If you don’t think Kyary is the most precious human being in existence then you are a liar okay

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I am in the absolute worst spot with New Leaf. I care so much about my villagers that the thought of letting them leave is physically painful, but after April Fools I have all their pictures and it feels pointless to do stuff for them now. All I do is catalog things now, which isn’t much fun. The thought of starting over is horrible too. I’m stuck!

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evie—haha that is seriously my least offensive ship

logan—at least i can be superior to someone?

6 days ago
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could i be anymore of a gross nerd?

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college tip: take the “no shame” route with your roommate. they see you in ur underwear? who cares. they witness you playing neopets for over 8 hours a day and walk in on you crying with bad indie pop playing in the background semi frequently? well

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